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Tex RiggsKellys Diary

More sponsors means more work for TKR crew

Things are picking up here at Team Kelly Racing. We’ve got three new sponsors onboard. I have to give Calvin and the rest of the suits credit.

Sponsors make the tire go round.

We’ve got Exide, the battery maker. We have Supercuts, the haircutting franchise. We’ve got Gillette Fusion, which is a five-bladed razor.

I guess our sponsors figure, “If your car won’t start and your hair’s too long and your whiskers are tickling your ears you’re probably a Team Kelly fan!”

Hey, why not? Those are my kind of people.

For the crew, adding new sponsors means extra work. It’s the kind of extra work you enjoy.
Means you get to race another week.

Sometimes you have to change the car’s paint scheme. That means removing all the decals, going out back, throwing on a fresh coat and then baking the new paint onto the car.
When that’s done, Billy and I lay the decals. Calvin usually supervises to make sure they’re placed properly.

Sponsors who pay top dollar get the hood. Other sponsors get the sides or quarter panels.
We’re not talking small potatoes either. Back in the day a year supply of beer and a couple checks that didn’t bounce got you the hood. Now the hood goes for more than $10 million.

Secondary sponsors pay up to $1 million.

There are some weeks we are so close to running white that Calvin actually makes up sponsors to help us look good. These “sponsors” would always look and sound suspiciously like real sponsors.
“Home Despot”
“Miller Lighthouse”
Miller Lighthouse!!!
Gee, that was a great race Joe. What do you say we go down to the seashore and knock back a few Miller Lighthouses?

We have real sponsors now.
That’s progress.

(Tex Riggs is the senior crew chief for Team Kelly Racing.)


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