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Team Kelly Racing, has this little problem, they can’t win for losing. Now, people may say that winning isn’t everything, but everyone really knows that in professional stock car racing, it is. And The Kellys, a dedicated racing family that hails from Vermont, really try to get to the victory circle. There’s no lack of effort, with no lack of flair either, and as a result, just about everyone inside the track and the grandstands roots for them. They won’t bet on Team Kelly, no point in throwing money away! But they root for them as the most popular of underdogs. If their cars get close to the checker—third place, ten laps to go, gaining on the leaders—even the other drivers and pit crews find themselves crossing their fingers and mumbling, “Come on, come on...”


But then, worse luck, there is the inevitable flat, the empty gas tank, the loose car that goes into the wall. It’s mysterious how many ways a team can lose. It’s the kind of thing that would make a person superstitious. Someone on the team always seems to blow it and there’s no getting around the fact that the fault lies within. They sow the seeds of their own disasters. But, week to week, they pull out the bashed fender, patch themselves up, give a hoist to the bootstraps and put those two cars back on the track. Somehow they manage to hold on to their sponsors, pump their drivers up for another go and, most importantly of all, have fun. That’s The Kellys magic that makes them so popular, having fun.

This is a serious sport, a business for The Kellys, and they play the rough game as well as any other. But Joe Kelly, the team owner, hasn’t lost sight of where he came from, those nasty dirt ovals of the Northeast. He has things in perspective and he knows that even though it’s probably harder than brain surgery to get it all right and win, he’s not going to give up his sense of humor and sell his soul for glory. His attitude, “We’ll get there,” rubs off on the team and makes the struggle an adventure and not a chore.

And they may just get there one day... someday. We just love to see them try.

About The Kellys

Joe Kelly
Denny Kelly
Trish Kelly
Chip Kelly
Brenda Kelly
Tex Riggs
Armani Riggio
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Calvin T. Tibbins

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